Thursday, 13 August 2009

This 'Airforce' makes radio commercials !

With a company name like 'Airforce', you can't blame folks to think that we're something to do with the military. We're definitely not, but if you're here thinking we are, best click here.

Over the years, we've had shedloads of emails, letters and phone calls from people asking us how they can become a fighter pilot. In addition, we're often asked for recordings of military music. Recently a lady emailed us and asked if we could forward her some military tunes so they could be played at her late husband's funeral. We sent a nice email back saying that we couldn't personally help and included a link to a brilliant web site that would be able to help her.

3 years ago, Airforce HQ re-located to Wiltshire. We are a few minutes drive away from RAF Lyneham and the town of Wootton Bassett. You will have heard these names on the news. When a British solidier is killed in Afganistan, they are flown into RAF Lyneham. From there, they are taken through the small town of Wootton Bassett where literally the whole town stops to pay it's respects.

On returning from client meetings, I have passed through Wootton Bassett just before or after a repatriation ceremony. On one occasion, I witnessed about 8 hearses coming out of the town. It was hugely moving.

Although we just make radio adverts and have nothing to do with the military, it doesn't mean we're not interested in the military. In the last 7 days, I have been a guest of The Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force.

An officer of HMS St Albans invited me, a colleague and some friends to spend a day on board a proper war ship. We went to Portsmouth, boarded HMS St Albans and went out to sea. We pretty much had complete freedom of the ship. We went to the bridge, met the captain, saw an amazing helicopter flypast and even went into the Ops Room. (Where they launch the missiles !)

Few folks get to see and experience what we did and on so many levels, it was a huge eye opener. See the pics below. They show Yours Truly with mates, colleagues & our host, the Missile Silo and life on the Bridge.

From there, we went to Lyneham as guests of the RAF. The Red Arrows made an appearance and we toured huge Hercules planes and helicopters. Again, a real eye opener.

My thanks to Duncan and Gaz for giving us 2 amazing days. Much respect to you and everyone who defends our country and our freedom.

John Calvert

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